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  • Battles will be even more exciting in the Online Arena!

    Throughout the event, you'll be able to watch from the Online Arena, where you can support your favorite players and communicate with other viewers!
    As your online avatar, join others in using emotes and cheer on players as they face off in heated battles!

  • *Content shown is still in development.
    *Users will be able to change their UI to English during the event.

See you all in the Online Arena!

Create your own avatar and watch battles in the Online Arena to enjoy the show even more!

Introducing Avatar Emotes!

  • Kamehameha

  • Applause

  • Fist-pump

  • Glow stick


There are 8 options
to choose from for your avatar!
  • Earthling(Male)

  • Earthling(Female)

  • Namekian

  • Frieza Force

  • Saiyan(Male)

  • Saiyan(Female)

  • Majin(Male)

  • Majin(Female)

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Create your own avatar
and join us in the Online Arena!

  1. Create a Bandai Namco ID
    Please create a Bandai Namco ID if you haven't already.

  2. Select your Avatar!
    Enter your nickname and select your avatar type.

  3. Download the installer to install the client on PC or download the app on your mobile device.

  4. Customize your avatar and settings.

  5. Join us in the Online Arena!

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5/3/2023(JST) - 6/3/2023(JST)
19/2/2022(JST) - 20/2/2022(JST)